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Executive Director, Consumer Products & Sales, Hawaiian Telcom

“I went to a meeting with a colleague once and I was his boss, and we flew out to meet people at another company. When I went to the office, they asked me if I was his wife, ”says Vaai.

Filifotu Vaai | Photo: Aaron Yoshino

“And they greeted me and asked if I wanted a cup of tea while I waited outside for a meeting. It really got me thinking that people still weren’t quite getting along, ”she says.

Vaai says that while it’s an honest mistake, it speaks of ubiquitous attitudes – even attitudes of some women. She says that many women don’t see themselves in leadership positions, but she hopes to challenge them to rethink. She hopes that her example and that of other women leaders will normalize society’s attitudes towards women in decision-making positions.

At the beginning of her career, she was a marketing manager at a mobile operator …

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