How Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are revolutionizing home entertainment


People have been obliged to stay indoors to stop the spread of the coronavirus since Covid-19 negatively impacted most of the world economy and industry.

People have also become deeply bored due to the lack of activities.

In this locked-in situation, your Netflix account might have been your closest confidant with thousands of exciting movies, series, and shows.

Whether it’s a major service like Netflix, Disney Plus, or HBO Max, or a specialized streaming service for kids or anime enthusiasts like Crunchyroll, horror movies, or Asian dramas like Rakuten Viki, streaming TV is dominating entertainment in homes around the world World.

And now we have more options than ever, and they’re constantly evolving.

Their algorithm helps us categorize all our favorite genres.

From our last watches, they develop the most similar watch lists within seconds.

With a much larger subscriber base than HBO Max (74 million) and Disney+ (87.6 million), the…

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