A Gartner CFO opinion poll announced that 74% of companies plan to keep at least some of their employees remotely on a permanent basis. That alone should have guaranteed a thriving VPN market in the future. Yet, gardener Also noted that 60% of companies will phase out most of their remote access VPNs in a few years. So what is there?

Cyber ​​attacks that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities have increased by a whopping 1916% and 1527%, respectively, across two leading corporate VPNs providers. This recent surge in VPN cyberattacks, coupled with latency-based lost productivity and high VPN support costs, is undermining the trust companies have in VPNs.

VPNs were abused during the pandemic. Since they are designed for sporadic use (e.g. connection to the office during a business trip), VPNs are used by all employees at the same time. They weren’t designed for that, either in terms of network or security. When a user finds a VPN …

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