Kimbal Musk and Mr. Gracias, who left Tesla’s board of directors last year to serve as SpaceX director, declined to comment on this article.

Today, Mr. Musk oversees or is affiliated with at least a dozen companies, including public, private, and holding companies such as Wyoming Steel, with which he manages real estate. His net worth amounts to approximately 250 billion dollars.

As Mr. Musk started other businesses, he amassed employees to use in many of the ventures.

One of these was Mary Beth Brown, who was hired in 2002 to essentially be Mr. Musk’s executive assistant. Known as MB, she soon became something of a chief of staff, handling media inquiries and some financial matters for SpaceX and Tesla, and helping manage Mr. Musk’s personal life, said Ashlee Vance, author of “Elon Musk: Tesla , SpaceX and the quest for an amazing future.”

That same year, Mr. Musk hired Gwynne Shotwell as SpaceX’s seventh employee. As the rocket manufacturer’s president and chief operating officer, Ms. Shotwell oversaw the company’s growth and became one of Mr. Musk’s longest-lasting associates.

At the a conference In 2018, Ms Shotwell explained how she managed Mr Musk.

Recognition…Patrick T Fallon/Bloomberg

“When Elon says something, you have to stop and not immediately blurt out, ‘Well, that’s impossible’ or ‘There’s no way we can do that. I don’t know how,” she said. “So you close it and think about it. And you find ways to make it happen.”

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