Call Of Duty creators have been making a number of changes to their game all the time lately. They recently managed to grab players’ attention with their recent Cold War outbreak. The creators have brought a new Zombies card along with their 2nd season of the Cold War. Recently players also asked questions about the game. We have answered some of these questions here.

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How do you get refined etherium crystals?

Players have been asking a lot of questions about this popular FPP shooting game lately. Players have tried to find answers to questions such as how to get refined Aetherium Crystals and how many waves it takes to get Aetherium Crystals. This is because the creators added a whole new Zombies map and rewards, and players seem to love it. We managed to gather a lot more information about this new map of the zombies. This information can also help you by answering your questions about how to get refined aetherium crystals and how many waves it takes to get aetherium crystals. So let’s get more information about the outbreak of the Cold War immediately.

To obtain refined Aetherium Crystals, players must first complete the 10th round of a traditional zombie. This gives players a raw etherium crystal as a reward. If the player can successfully exfiltrate, they will receive another Aetherium crystal. In the new map of Zombies, players can receive Aetherium Crystals after completing one experiment and another one upon successful exfiltration. Since these crystals are extremely rare in nature, players will have to complete some of the most difficult milestones in the game. Reach wave 20 and receive etherium crystals as a reward too.

More about the outbreak of the Cold War

The creators have now released a new trailer for their Cold Wear Season 2 and the players seem to love it. The video has been uploaded to their social media handles and it certainly shows off some new features that will be added to the game. The creators even shared the video on their Twitter handle, writing, “Welcome to a huge new zombies experience like you’ve never seen before. OUTBREAK starts on February 25th in #BlackOpsColdWar. “The new season brings a huge update to their zombie mode. That being said, the official website has a number of details about the new Cold War outbreak trailer.

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