Get a Request Link

Get a Link allows you to quickly obtain a secure upload link you can share. With this method, ShareFile generates a link that you can copy and paste.

Click Request Files from the Dashboard, then choose Get a Link

Customize Your Link Before Generating

  1. Request files will be uploaded to allows you to select where you want the uploaded files to be stored. Use the folder tree menu to select a new destination.
    • Files are uploaded to the File Box by default.
    • Remember, files that are in the File Box for longer than its default retention policy will automatically be deleted by the system.
    • If you want to be able to access the uploaded file beyond that retention period, select a different upload location or move it out of the File Box.
    • Files cannot be uploaded to the root of Shared Folders or Favorite Folders.
  2. Edit Link Options allows you to customize the following:
    • Email me when files are uploaded – Receive a notification email when the…

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