How do Citrix and VMware’s on-premises VDI costs compare?


Implementing VDI isn’t as simple as looking at a comparison chart and choosing a vendor based on the licensing cost. Factors like hypervisor flexibility and secure remote access technology play a role in the actual price tag for any organization’s VDI software.

Citrix and VMware are two prominent vendors in the VDI market, but choosing between them can be difficult when factoring in cost. When comparing Citrix vs. VMware, IT administrators must understand what licensing entails for each vendor and consider every aspect of pricing.

What factors impact VDI costs?

There are underlying aspects of every VDI offering that impact deployment, management, storage, training and licensing costs.

Many features of Citrix and VMware’s VDI software are roughly equivalent in functionality, such as the administrative and user interfaces. For example, Citrix StoreFront and VMware Horizon Connection Server similarly process client connections. To determine which is a better fit, admins should focus…

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