NVMe is the dominant interface for enterprise SSDs, and both its uses and capabilities are expanding. However, the greater adoption of each enterprise technology sheds light on its gaps.

As with any storage, security is more about protecting data on drives than the drives themselves. NVMe SSDs use security similar to other drive types in many ways – particularly in the areas of encryption and key management.

New developments specific to NVMe security need to be watched. This includes NVMe-oF and features added to the NVMe 2.0 specification released in mid-2021.

NVMe 2.0 security features

The NVMe 2.0 specification brings performance improvements but also security improvements.


The 2.0 specification adds a command group control, also known as blocking. Lockdown allows administrators to put a drive in a state where it can read and write data while other functions are locked. This prevents intentional and unintentional changes to a drive’s functionality after it has been mounted,…

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