A cursory online search reveals that many people are faced with frequent Android VPN disconnections. This could be for a number of reasons, so stick with it. We will investigate all possible causes and offer the best solution for each.

My Android VPN disconnects every few minutes – why?

There is always the possibility that your internet-enabled apps and functions will interfere with others. The following could result in your Android VPN getting disconnected so many times.

Update your VPN!

Make sure your Android VPN is up to date before doing any of the following. For security reasons, your provider may simply not allow outdated versions of their app to use their servers.

# 1 diagnose internet problems

Before you blame your VPN, turn it off and see if your internet connection is working properly. You can use an online speed test (like this one) or just stream some video content and watch out for drops in loading speed and disconnect.

When you experience connectivity …

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