• Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon Web Services, will replace Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon later this year.
  • Insider spoke to over 10 current and former employees to get their first reactions.
  • Many employees are excited to see how Jassy will change the overall culture and direction of Amazon.
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Shortly after Amazon announced its CEO change on Tuesday, with cloud boss Andy Jassy replacing Jeff Bezos later this year, a small group of employees scrambled to put together a mini-survey for their team: Who Will Jassy Than Who replace? next CEO of Amazon Web Services?

The result of the informal vote, which was attended by around 15 people, was that Peter DeSantis, the senior vice president of infrastructure and support, would likely be the next AWS CEO, one person taking part in the survey told Insider.

The quick poll was just one of many lines of internal speculation that developed after the CEO’s announcement. Another one,…

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