How a Seattle fintech entrepreneur set up a network to support multiple …


Nate Derby, CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Stakana Analytics. (Stakana photo)

Seattle is home to a handful of fintech companies, most notably money transfer startup Remitly, but it’s not known as a fintech hub. And the city has venture capitalists who write checks in the millions every year, but few focus on fintech.

“Finding the right people to invest or care for is difficult under the best of circumstances,” said Nate Derby, CEO and chief data scientist of Stakana Analytics, a marketing analytics firm for credit unions and community banks.

So what can a Seattle fintech founder do when operating in an environment that is not the best? Build targeted networks through multiple organizations, Derby said, to get the mentoring and access you need.

Three years ago, Derby, who is gay, joined StartOut, a nonprofit that helps LGBTQ entrepreneurs make connections and gain access to resources. Contacts he made through the regional group led …

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