First gameplay of Sony’s next-gen headset.

Sony has shown its first game for PlayStation VR2: a Horizon spin-off called Horizon Call of the Mountain.

In this first-person experience, you play as a new character who meets franchise star Aloy and other familiar faces and hangs out in guerrilla’s well-known robo-dino post-apocalypse.

A short video announcement released today shows approximately 20 seconds of game material:

Horizon Call of the Mountain is created by Guerrilla in collaboration with. developed recently acquired British studio Firesprite, the big Liverpool-based team that previously worked on the PS4 freebie, The Playroom.

There’s no word on a release date yet – although that’s not surprising as Sony isn’t going to say when the PlayStation VR2 itself will hit the market just yet.

This morning, Sony has detailed its next generation VR headset using a number of new technical specifications – Although we still have to see the unit ourselves.

Horizon Forbidden West hits the PS4 and PS5 next month on February 18th.

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