PIA’s attorneys argue that these allegations must be dropped from the case because they are completely irrelevant and “serve only to incite emotion in a misguided attempt to mislead the court and the public through false association with the non-parties whose behavior is described.” will infringe against the accused in these paragraphs.”

ExpressVPN and PIA further denied these allegations in statements to WIRED. An ExpressVPN spokesperson also emphasized that “the operation of the ExpressVPN service has not been altered or otherwise affected in any way relevant to the parties’ dispute.”

PIA claimed that this lawsuit endangers users’ privacy and that it will therefore continue to fight in court. “We maintain that using VPNs is a legitimate way to protect one’s online privacy — a fundamental human right that is increasingly at risk of being violated,” the company said.

Legal counsel representing the film studios did not respond to WIRED’s request for comment.


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