Hitachi creates its own humble cloud in Japan • The Register


Hitachi has taken a modest step towards becoming a public cloud provider with the launch of a VMware-based cloud in Japan The registry understands that this may not be the only such endeavor.

The Japanese giant has dubbed the service a “sovereign cloud” — a term VMware adopted to differentiate some of its 4,000+ partners who operate small clouds and can certify that their operations comply with privacy laws and governance structures within the country subject to where they operate they operate.

Public cloud heavyweights AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM and Alibaba also offer hyperscale VMware-based clouds. However, some organizations fear that their US or Chinese roots leave them vulnerable to laws that could allow Washington or Beijing to exercise extraterritorial oversight.

Virtzilla therefore proposes running its wares on sovereign clouds as a good way for its customers to expand to hybrid clouds, or a pure play…


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