Top command shows 100% CPU utilizationCTX227605
Note: You will also see NSPPE taking up 100% CPU on the other CPU cores, when viewed with the top command.  This is also by design. The packet engines (NSPPE) perform their own kernel scheduling services internally and their utilization cannot be monitored with the top command.

High Packet or Management CPU: CTX226784


Two New Commands to Control CPU Usage Behavior has been introduced.

set ns vpxparam and show ns vpxparam, control the CPU-usage behavior of VPX instances in VMWare ESX and Citrix XEN environments:

1. set ns vpxparam -cpuyield (YES | NO | DEFAULT)
Allow each VM to use CPU resources that have been allocated to another VM but are not being used.
Set ns vpxparam parameters:
-cpuyield: Release or do not release of allocated but unused CPU resources.

YES: Allow allocated but unused CPU resources to be used by another VM.

NO: Reserve…

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