(AMZN 0.18%) will now allow Prime members to use their shopping benefits on third-party sites. Free shipping within two days; easy return; and Amazon-like checkout and shipping options can now be accessed on a retailer’s own website when using the e-commerce giant’s logistics platform.

While it could help expand Amazon’s reach beyond the confines of its own site and make the Prime loyalty program an essential component for consumers and merchants alike, its real purpose is probably an attempt to deaden it Shopify‘s (BUSINESS 6.13%) Ability to further expand its own fulfillment network.

Still, there’s good reason to believe that Shopify can thrive and beat Amazon at its own game. Let’s take a closer look.

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A prime opportunity to expand

Buying with Prime is another way for Amazon to turn the technological expertise it has developed into a service.

Just as Amazon now powers many e-commerce sites through its Amazon Web Services…

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