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This week Apple officially announced that there will be a virtual event on Tuesday, April 20, scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. PDT. The official invitation emailed to people today stated that the name of the event will be “Spring Loaded”.

What does “Spring Loaded” mean for the Apple Event? Everyone is always trying to pick out an Apple invite to get a secret out of the art, text, and anything else they can get their hands on. As a rule, however, it is rarely found that the invitation refers to a specific product or feature that will be featured at the event itself.

Despite this story, we’ll ignore all of that and try anyway because hey, that’s part of the fun that leads to an Apple event!

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Read the tea leaves (and the calendar event)

The obvious conclusion anyone could draw from the Apple Event Invitation is:

  1. It’s spring.
  2. The event will be “loaded” with announcements.

Apple Event April 2021 logo

Source: Apple

While the rumors so far have suggested that only a few products were revealed at the April event, we might all be surprised to find out that Apple has a lot more up its sleeve for this event than we thought.

I just take the liberty of walking down this rabbit hole because when you add the event to your calendar via the internet Apple Events websiteit takes two hours. This is noteworthy in that the company has posted pre-recorded events over the past couple of trips and if you’ve seen any of them you know it’s FAST.

Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, and everyone else who showcases just fly through product announcements. This has inevitably made these recent events much shorter than ever when they were live.

When Apple tells us to schedule two hours for the April event AND it’s still taped, they may have a lot more to discuss than a few products.

What could these products be?

As reported earlier in the week, the most obvious option for the April event is to update iPad Pro with mini LED display. This product has been rumored for a spring release for months, and a current report from Bloomberg continues this trend.

Here's how to download iOS 13 Developer Beta 1 on your iPad

Source: iMore

For those who want to play in theories too, the art of Apple Event Invitation also looks like it was drawn with an Apple Pencil, a tell-tale sign that new iPads may be on the way.

The updated iPad Pro, at least 12.9-inch, is expected to come with a new mini LED screen. This part in particular can cause storage problems for those who want to pack a new tablet.

This emerges from a new Bloomberg report that finds the technology is proving difficult to produce as poor manufacturing yields are likely to lead to a decline in overall production numbers.

The Cupertino, California-based technology giant plans to introduce a new MiniLED display technology for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which will be announced in the second half of April. But the company’s overseas suppliers are facing poor production yields, said people, who refused to be named to discuss sensitive issues. At least one of the MiniLED manufacturers recently had to stop production, added one person.

If you need an iPad now and don’t need the iPad Pros update that might be imminent, check out our list of Best iPad of 2021.

The other product that is highly anticipated at the April event is Apple’s long rumor AirTags. The tile competitor has been expected by the company for some time and has reportedly been ready for months. With Apple only recently opening its Find My app to third-party products, now is an ideal time for the company to bring AirTags to the world.

Render airtags

Source: Jon Prosser

There are always some dark horses out there too. Apples VR headset Leaks have also appeared lately, but many believe the device might be more of a focus or an early look at it WWDC in June. A new Apple TV is also available, but the company also appears to be focused on possibly completely rethinking this product a whole new form factor that combines the Apple TV with a HomePod and a Facetime camera.

The new MacBook Pros and iMacs are also expected, but these could also be reserved for WWDC or a fall event to talk about the company’s latest Apple silicon processors. However, the colors of the logo on the invitation are very similar to the rumored colors of the new iMacs! Even new AirPods, expected sometime this year, could join the event.

Outside of iPad Pro and AirTags, it’s really a grab bag for all pipe dreams at this point.

A few more days

Regardless of what is announced at the Apple Event in April next week, it’s just exciting that we’re getting an event at all! After this Rumors of a March event got throughand we were almost in the middle of April, many giving up hope that there would be a spring event at all.

Even if we don’t get everything we hope for, we will have an event before June. And that’s a great thing.

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