The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are starting, and if you’re looking for a way to stream sports performances for free for over two weeks, a VPN can help you.

Held at 42 different venues in Tokyo, Japan from Friday 23 July to Sunday 8 August, the 2021 Olympics will compete with thousands of athletes from over 200 countries in 339 medal competitions to win gold and glory. There’s a lot to see and luckily there are a number of free ways to live stream every Olympic performance.

When do the Tokyo Olympics start?

The Tokyo Olympics already started on Wednesday, July 21st, with group games in football and softball. One of the most anticipated events of the year, the Olympic Games opening ceremony, will be held on Friday July 23rd and the closing ceremony on August 8th.

With the Golden Sunday with 25 medal events on August 1st, 34 gold medals will be awarded on Saturday, August 7th. new sports including skateboarding, …

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