Apple will launch a range of new products today at its first event in 2021. One of the main attractions of this event is the new one iPad Proand possibly some of the other rumored products, including AirTags, a new iMac with Apple’s M1 chip, new accessories for the iPad Pro, and a new Apple TV box with 120 Hz support. In addition to the new hardware, we also expect some information about iOS 14.5. Due to the pandemic, the event will only be held online and broadcast live via various platforms. The Apple event “Spring Loaded” starts today at 10 a.m. PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) and you can choose any of the options below to watch the event happen.

The first method to follow the event later today is to visit the Apple Events website. Until a few years ago, you could only stream the Apple event in your Safari browser, but this limitation no longer applies. You can see it Spring loaded Event in any browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome – and other Chromium-based browsers, as well as other popular web browsers. You can view it on any device including a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC, or an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Alternatively, you can follow the event live on YouTube using the video link embedded below. You can also now go to the video and set a reminder to receive a notification when the event starts.

Apple is nasty with its walled garden approach and is applying it in unexpected ways. For example, you can expect the video stream on YouTube to be a little patchy and of poor quality – or a few seconds ago. For the best experience, you can watch the Apple event live through the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app is also available on Windows. Roku, Amazon Fire TVs and Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG in addition to Apple devices such as the Apple TV set-top box, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

The event starts at 10 a.m. PDT and you can use this converter to see that time in your region’s time zone.

While the iPad Pro seems like the most promising start for today, which devices are you looking forward to the most?

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