Eufy does a ton of cameras for various household needs: doorbell cameras, cameras that you can put at the table to chat with people while you work, security cameras that you can put in the corner of a ceiling, and much more. The only attribute they have in common is that some kind of bug, security flaw, or unfortunate issue with Eufy allowed random people to see each other’s camera feeds.

As a Reddit user wrote::


I have had my eufy front door camera for a little over a month now. I wanted my partner to have access to the account too. Instead of putting them on a separate account and inviting them, I just logged into my account on their phone.

Now here’s the disturbing part … Now on her phone she sees someone who has a different front and backyard camera … we can see it live, we have full control over it … Wtf !?

This affects the cause when this happens as how do we know our account is not seen by someone else?

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?

And you will see similar complaints from users all over the world in the same subredditas well as other forums where Eufy users gather.

Eufy has since taken to Twitter to vaguely describe what happened:

But tHat doesn’t really address the elephant in the room – the fact that some people have been able to see others’ camera feeds. In fact, it is not mentioned at all in Eufy’s brief announcement, which is almost startling given the invasion of privacy.

If you haven’t panicked and have unplugged your Eufy for good, the company recommends that all owners unplug and reconnect their devices. LikewiseSign out of the Eufy security app wherever you’ve used it and sign back in. That should fix everything, one hopes, otherwise Eufy will have an even bigger catastrophe in his hands.

What now?

I’m not going to get into my soap box and talk about how these types of issues are much more likely to happen now that everything we do and buy seems to have a built-in connection to the cloud.

This makes sense for a surveillance camera; Why don’t you want to dial in remotely and see what is going on in your garden, for example? For your indoor cameras, however, I would recommend you Think carefully about where they are placed and positioned. If your camera captures unnecessary areas, such as B. Your bathroom, when you get ready in the morning, you should move them to another place. Or rethink whether you can Really For example, you need a connected camera in your bedroom to ensure security. Maybe this is better outside of your home, or pointing at your front door, or somewhere where you won’t undress the whole time.

If your camera setup allows you to schedule it to turn on and off, or if you don’t mind using a smart switch to accomplish the same thing, consider turning it off for the time you know you are home are. (Unless you use the camera too Monitor your baby or tell your new pup to stop chewing things remotely.) You can probably even set up smartphone automation that turns the camera on and off when you’re at home or on the go.

I understand that “scheduling” a security camera negates the point of having a constant view of your home. B.When the camera is connected to the cloud, all it takes is a broken password, misconfiguration of the account, or whatever the hell happens to Eufy to suddenly grant someone else access shouldn’t have. Not sure if a prison-like security feed is worth the privacy lost.

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