Amnesty International reports that Pegasus, the Israeli company NSO Group’s “legal surveillance software” used to monitor human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers around the world, was found on 37 devices 35 journalists in El Salvador only last November.

Over the past few months, I have had many questions about how to proceed from concerned users around the world Protect your mobile devices from Pegasus and other similar tools and malware. First, let me warn you that no list of defense techniques can ever be exhaustive. If attackers change their modus operandi, defense techniques must also adapt.

We should first say that Pegasus is a tool kit that is sold to nation-states at relatively high prices. The cost of a full deployment can easily reach millions of dollars. Similarly, other advanced persistent threat (APT) mobile malware can be delivered through zero-click, zero-day exploits. These are also extremely expensive – as …

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