They keep your device’s operating systems up to date. They use internet security software. They are pretty adept at not falling for online scams.

Even so, malware and cyber criminals can still get through. Run this free check to see if your router has been hacked by criminals giving them open access to all of your files, passwords, and more.

Your security arsenal contains a firewall. Here’s a free test to make sure your firewall is blocking access to bad actors and bots.

How many devices are connected to your home’s wireless network? A hand full? Dozen? Over time, and as you add new devices, it’s easy to lose track of what’s connected or notice things that aren’t there.

Here’s how to determine what’s on your network and prune everything that shouldn’t be:

Call up the administration page of your router

This is a relatively simple way to get an idea of ​​who is using your network. Bonus: it’s free! Log in to your router for an up-to-date list of connected devices. Your…

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