Netflix is ​​one of the The most popular streaming platforms in the worldbut there is one major caveat. Netflix has to hide TV shows and movies from people who live in the “wrong” countries. More specifically, Netflix has a content library for US viewers, another for Canadian viewers, and another for Swedish viewers. The list goes on and on.

But why? Wouldn’t it make more sense if Netflix decided to broadcast them all? Film and tv show anywhere, no matter where your subscribers live?

Surely it would, but Netflix can’t because they source most of their content from outside production companies. And the production companies want to sell the same content, i.e. films and TV shows, multiple times in several regions. That means they can swim in the style of Money Scrooge McDuck.

Netflix can’t do much there, the licensing system is what it is. However, you can by purchasing one VPN and a VPN router.


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