Here's How Microsoft Picks Xbox Game Pass Titles


A Microsoft executive has explained the thought process behind what’s added to the Xbox Game Pass library, and it’s all about variety and fun. The Xbox Game Pass service is a Microsoft-run subscription that allows players unlimited access to a large number of titles for a recurring fee.

Microsoft released the Xbox Game Pass for PC earlier this year, bringing the service to Windows users for $9.99 a month. Xbox Game Pass for PC launched with a list of 100 PC games, including select Microsoft Game Studios titles like Gears of War and Sea of Thieves. Along with Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft released Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which combines Xbox Live Gold services with those of the Xbox Game Pass.

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At a recent PDXCon 2019 panel, Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Director Chris Charla gave fans some insight into how Xbox Game Pass titles are chosen, according to a Twinfinite report yesterday. Charla said Microsoft typically looks for highly-rated games, since those are likely to deliver something “super fun” to Xbox Game Pass holders. Since games are constantly being added and removed from Xbox Game Pass, Charla said, it’s important for Microsoft to keep a good mix of different genres, ensuring players always have options instead of all shooters or all platformers. This has apparently helped subscribers branch out into new genres, as Charla said more than 90% of Xbox Game Pass holders have played an Xbox Game Pass title in a genre they’ve never played before.

If the 90% stat Charla presented is exact, that’s a huge portion of pass holders trying out new titles, but it wouldn’t necessarily be surprising. Nearly every Xbox Game Pass additions announcement includes a diverse mix of game genres, initial release dates, budgets and styles. Given the fact that a monthly payment provides access to all of these, it’s no wonder that pass holders have been branching out. Microsoft often adds even brand new titles like Gears 5 to the Xbox Game Pass as soon as they release, encouraging those who have essentially already paid of them to try them out.

The most recent example of a new game being added to the service is the news that Xbox Game Pass is getting The Outer Worlds when it comes out later this week. With the game’s Microsoft-purchased developer Obsidian working on a secret Xbox Game Studios project, fans are likely to see future entries in the series as Xbox Game Pass additions, as well.

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Source: Twinfinite

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