Emoji 14.0 draft renders by Jeremy Burge

The candidate drafts for the Emoji 14.0 version of the Unicode Consortium are available for approval and Emojipedia shared a great look at many of the new emojis that could hit iPhone over the next year. Seven new faces are in the mix like melting face and peering eye face, with other candidates including heart hands, person with crown, troll, low battery, x-ray, biting lip and many more.

Update 09/15: Unicode 14.0 / Emoji 14.0 has been completed, the list remaining the same from the draft we first saw in July.

Reported by Emojipedia, Unicode 14.0 / Emoji 14.0 has been officially voted and will be finalized on September 14th. The newest one comes with 37 completely new emojis and if you count all the variations there are 838 new characters. Check out what’s new with all of these below fine details on the unicode website.

It’s not yet clear if Apple will roll out the new emoji for iOS and macOS sometime this fall, but it’s usually on top of a quick start. However, there is a chance they will arrive sometime in 2022.

With Unicode 14.0 Still in draft status and not yet officially voted on, we don’t know exactly what they all might look like or whether they will all be approved. Emoji expert and founder of Emojipedia Jeremy Burge made detailed renderings (above MacStories) of what we might see when they land on iPhone and other devices later this year.

The new emoji faces on the draft list include melting face, face with eyes open and hand over mouth, face with peeking eye, greeting face, dotted line face, face with tear-retaining face, and face with diagonal mouth.

Other new emojis to be considered are a person with a crown, heart hands, 25 handshake variants including heart hands, beans, pregnant person, troll, lotus, empty nest, beans, wheel, low battery, pouring liquid, x-ray and more. There are over 100 new emojis on the draft lift when skin tone variations are added.

Here is the full sample draft, designed by Emojipedia. You can also vote on which ones you like the most World Emoji Awards here which will be announced on World Emoji Day, July 17th.

With Emoji 14.0 still in the draft state, Jeremy notes that “any emoji can be changed before final approval in September 2021”. But he also emphasizes that in recent years “the majority of emoji design candidates have landed on the final list”.

The Unicode consortium is expected to vote on the 14.0 list in September. Apple is usually quick to bring newly approved emojis to iOS. This fall, we could see these new additions come to the iPhone with an iOS 15.1 update or something similar.

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