There is good news for people who might be preparing a Lady Dimitrescu cosplay. You don’t have to try to measure their size by looking at doors and furniture. Capcom revealed exactly how big it is. Resident Evil Village Art director Tomonori Takano says she is 9’6 ‘tall. Takano’s message also confirms that she is a vampire.

Since January 2021 resident Evil Showcase announcement, Lady Dimitrescu developed quite an audience. Capcom even shared a free one PSN avatar of their. Originally referred to as the “tall woman” or “vampire”, we later learned that Ethan is trapped in her castle she and her daughters.

Here is Takano’s full statement about her size. As anyone working on a Lady Dimitrescu cosplay outfit might want to notice, it is a bit shorter without a hat and heels. So if you go with apartments maybe it is ok if you are just at 9’4 ”.

Hi everyone, I’m Tomonori Takano, Art Director at Resident Evil Village. I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly reflect on the positive attitude we received from the fans when we last announced. As a representative of the development team, I would like to thank all fans who continue to follow us.

Lately Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a lot more attention than we expected. It’s great that they can take the spotlight as symbols of Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu in particular has received a lot of fanfare both domestically and abroad, which made us all very happy on the development team. I hear their size is of some interest …

If you include her hat and high heels, she is 2.9 m tall.

These adorable, vampiric characters persecute Ethan relentlessly, and I can’t wait to see them for myself when you enter Dimitrescu Castle in May.

Resident Evil Village PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC copies will appear on May 7, 2021 First PS5 demo is available now.

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