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Here is a temporary fix to a Pixel 6 series bug that causes text input to freeze for up to two seconds

On the subjects that Google needs to be repaired for that Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is one where all touch input on the phone is randomly frozen for a second or two. During this period, the handset ignores all keyboard and screen tips. This is a pretty serious problem that Google needs to fix ASAP.
after a Reddit member named WillTag70, “I have a 6 Pro and have had several instances where the screen just happened to be unresponsive to taps. I could use sat nav swipes that I’d do to something out of frustration, but tap, tap, tap, nothing , my heart rate increases pretty quickly. Fortunately, it’s rare, and once it reacts it’s okay. ” One user said that this usually happens to him while playing.

The interesting thing about this bug is that the one to two second freeze occurs whenever the remaining battery life shows a 1% decrease on the screen. The topic wasn’t just based on. mentioned Reddit but was also reported by several Pixel 6 Serial users on the Google Issue Tracker.

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As the first Pixel 6 user to report the problem wrote, “If an accessibility service is run with canPerformGesture = true, then every time the battery drops 1%, the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro will fail triggered with Android 12 and the device will freeze for 1-2 seconds and then it will thaw and perform all touches from this period. ” As a result, over 30 Pixel 6 series users complained that they too had the same problem. Until Google releases a software update, turning off all accessibility will temporarily fix the problem. “

To do this, go to ideas > Accessibility. Turn off voice access, the shortcut for accessibility, and any other accessibility app, feature, or service. Disable all apps, whether they are system or downloaded apps. Only Google can fix the error permanently and requires a software update to do so.
If you proceed with the temporary fix, you will have to forego all accessibility features until Google releases an update whenever it does. Speaking of updates, we now know that the connectivity problems of the Pixel 6 series will be fixed via a software update that Google will have released by the end of January.

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