the Nintendo switch is a lean, mean indie machine. In some cases, the mix of the console’s popularity coupled with its portability creates the perfect opportunity for a game to be “rediscovered” and become more popular with new audiences. Because of this, indies fans often wait for a Switch version to play a game, or even buy it again when a game finally hits their handheld.

There is no shortage of beautiful indie games in the eShop that have captured our hearts and those of our fans. In 2021, the Nintendo Switch got critically acclaimed favorites like Chicory: a colorful story, the Spelunky range, and Loop hero, after these games were originally released on different platforms. In addition to games exclusive to the Switch, the eShop also has some great indie games simultaneously with their release on other platforms, such as Eastward and unpacking.

It’s been an outstanding year for indies, especially on Switch. So let’s take a look at what Switch players have bought in terms of indies. Nintendo posted a video On Wednesday, some of the top 15 best-selling indie games will be featured on the platform. The final list is as follows:

So, if you’re looking to put in a little more gaming before the end of the year, or were hoping to find a fresh new title in 2022, this is a pretty solid list of what Switch owners bought in 2021.

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