Apple has revealed some new things Macs during his virtual event “Unleashed” last month. When you bought the newest MacBook Pro 2021, it is important, that Keep it protected with a case. Regardless of your model, VPN apps offer protection when it comes to your digital identity and fingerprint. When you use a virtual private network it becomes more difficult to track and profile you. You can also access regionally blocked websites. Here are the best VPN apps for Mac.

Here are the best VPN apps for Mac

Hotspot sign

Hotspot protection macOS

Hotspot Shield is my preferred VPN Mac app. It offers basic protection and features for free. You can optionally subscribe to a premium plan to unlock all features, but the app works fine even without an account. The subscription includes access to 1Password, server region selection, digital identity protection, and other benefits.

The free plan – which does not require registration – has a speed limit of 2 Mbps. So you can relax with simple surfing and small …

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