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The Halo Infinite free multiplayer experience is thanks to the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta, and similar to the others best xbox shooter Out there, it’s critical to use good controller settings. However, many gamers don’t understand what a lot of the adjustable settings mean, especially since Halo Infinite has more controller settings to customize than most other games.

With that in mind, we’ve created this quick guide to go through the optimal controller settings and explain what they do and why they help you move and aim smoothly and accurately. Here’s everything you need to know about the optimal Halo Infinite controller settings.

Before going through the best settings for the Halo Infinite controller, it is important to highlight what each setting does. There are four different things to consider when optimizing the controller settings.

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Look acceleration refers to how quickly your Spartan accelerates to maximum rotation speed when the right thumb lever is moved. A higher value for the Look Acceleration will speed up the look of your Spartan, while a lower value will make the look speed slower.

Gaze sensitivity dictates the maximum turning speed. As with look acceleration, a higher value will increase your turning speed, while a lower value will decrease it. Increasing these two settings can make you spinning and responding to threats faster, but you can find it difficult to control your target if they are too high.

Dead zones are a special feature designed to help people combat thumb stick drift that often occurs when controllers become damaged or wear out over time. This drift can cause your Spartan to move or look around even when your hands are not on the controller. Axial deadzone) before minimal input is registered by the game. Most people only use deadzones when their controller is thumbstick drifting as they reduce overall responsiveness.

Finally, that Maximum input threshold determines how far your thumbstick is from its outer edge before the maximum input is registered by the game. Higher values ​​cause you to push the thumbstick closer to the edge for maximum input, but also the acceleration curve between minimum and maximum inputs becomes wider and your input level is easier to control. In general, it’s better to have a high maximum input threshold on your right thumbstick so you can aim as carefully as possible, but a medium maximum input threshold on your left thumb stick to quickly get maximum movement speed while making it easier to slow down Your movement if necessary.

the best Halo Infinite controller settings

While there are no definite “best” controller settings, as each player has different preferences, these settings are great for most players and can be tweaked if necessary.

Look acceleration and sensitivity

  • Accelerating the look: 4th
  • Gaze sensitivity (horizontal): 6.0
  • Eye sensitivity (vertical): 6.0

These settings allow you to react quickly and efficiently to incoming threats while ensuring that your target is not distracted by extremely high sensitivity.

Move the thumb stick

  • Center dead zone: 0
  • Maximum input threshold: 10
  • Axial dead zone: 0

With these settings, you can enjoy maximum responsiveness thanks to the lack of deadzones. However, you should increase the center and axial dead zones if your controller is experiencing thumb stick drift (increase the size until your Spartan stops moving when your hands are away from the controller). The middle maximum input threshold also gives you quick access to the maximum speed of movement without making it difficult to move more slowly when needed.

Look at the thumb stick

  • Center dead zone: 0
  • Maximum input threshold: fifteen
  • Axial dead zone: 0

As with the move thumbstick, these deadzone settings for the look thumbstick ensure that you can make entries as quickly as possible. However, as always, use deadzones if your controller has thumbstick drift (increase their size until your Spartan doesn’t spin or look when your hands are away from the controller). Using the maximum maximum input threshold also ensures that you have precise control over your target, which is important.

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