As I wrote earlier, numerous technical solutions are offered to advance care, better manage disease states (value-based care), and improve patient interactions with doctors. The tech marketplace is the wild west of ideas with diverse applications (e.g. patient planning, telemedicine, speed cycle, health apps, AI, machine learning) designed to address different segments or stressors in the service delivery ecosystem.

For example, as Covid crept into the fabric of the world, hospital finances suffered, patients avoided care (in some cases, much-needed care), and the capacity of clinicians far outweighed demand. If ever there was a silver lining to a global pandemic, the care technology (like remote patient care) catapulted onto the stage for the good or the bad, warts and everything was a ray of hope.

Given the “state” of remote care during the heat of Covid I, the healthcare system and clinical readiness were divided into three rather blunt categories: …


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