This article lists the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) platforms supported by Citrix for use with HDX 3D Pro. The article intends to provide guidance for customers when choosing GPU hardware to be used for graphics acceleration with HDX 3D Pro. Deployment considerations for XenDesktop and XenApp workloads are also included, in the context of HDX 3D Pro.

Hardware Support

Citrix currently supports the following GPU platforms from the main hardware vendors. Specific GPUs tested by Citrix during the development of HDX 3D Pro are included in this list. Citrix recommends that customers become familiar with different GPU vendor technologies and choose a GPU that meets the technical requirements for the use-case.

    • M6 / M10 / M60
    • P6 / P40 / P100
    • T4
  • AMD RapidFire
    • FirePro S7150 / S7150x2
    • WX 4100
  • Intel Iris Pro  
    • Intel Xeon Processor E3 v5 Family

Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of all the GPU hardware that can be used with…

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