According to an announcement this week, HashiCorp and Microsoft will expand their collaboration on zero trust security cloud services with deeper integrations.

HashiCorp Boundary coordinates access management and user authorization within distributed systems. It was developed according to the zero trust security principles, in which outdated data center perimeters are replaced by more differentiated, user-identity-based access to individual IT resources. In addition to being more popular now, the practice is also mandated under a recent presidential ordinance designed to bring U.S. cybersecurity up-to-date with cloud-native apps and services.

HashiCorp’s Boundary Access Control Utility and Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AD) identity management service have been fundamentally integrated with other identity management tools such as Okta and LDAP since the HashiCorp tool was first introduced a year ago. As part of the expanded partnership announced this week, HashiCorp and …

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