From the January 6 uprising to the Omicron variant of COVID-19, 2021 was a wild ride with its share of unexpected developments. So what are the biggest risks to worry about in 2022? The short answer is, 2022 will be a bit like 2021, only more volatile as a lot of the problems brewing this year could reach a boiling point.

The COVID-19 crisis: COVID is not only at the top of the list; it exacerbates many other risks. It’s not just the obvious danger that the Omicron variant will spread across the United States like a grasshopper storm. Low vaccination rates in large parts of developing countries – less than 10 percent of people in Africa are vaccinated – risk creating even more new mutation variants, possibly more contagious or even vaccine-resistant.

Global instability: A bundle of other risks – fueled or exacerbated by COVID-19 – can threaten global financial and political stability. Many developing countries suffered major economic repercussions from COVID-19, were faced with worsening debt crises, the global middle class slid back …


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