Has Amazon Web Services Down?

At the moment there appears to be an Amazon outage affecting all Amazon Web Services clients.

Unfortunately, the Amazon outage spanned a huge number of websites that everyone uses in their daily activities, including some popular services like Alexa, Disney Plus, Amazon, Amazon Music, Robinhood, and Venmo.

Significant parts of the Internet are loading poorly or crashing due to issues with certain AWS cloud servers.

This is because the company’s vast network of data centers controls many of the things users interact with online, and any problem can have a huge impact, as shown in previous AWS events.

At around 10:45 am ET, people began to notice problems with Amazon Web Services.

Amazon failure

This morning, December 7th, it is confirmed that Amazon Music is down and that Alexa and Amazon’s AWS cloud servers are down for a number of services as well.

On its official status page, Amazon confirmed …


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