Release November 30th for Season Pass holders

Fans pretty much knew they would likely get a new Guilty Gear Strive DLC character this month, but the reveal came a little earlier than most suspected.

During the top 8 part of Red Bull Kumite‘s Strive event, Arc System Works announced today that Happy Chaos will be the third additional contender to add to the list alongside its release date.

As we saw in Strive’s Story Mode, Happy Chaos wields a magically infused handgun that looks like it’s bringing some interesting new mechanics into the game – and he can pull out a second one too if the situation calls for it.

Throughout its gameplay, a crosshair will appear tracking the enemy, which means that Happy Chaos can potentially blow the enemy up no matter where they are on the screen, as long as they are on the screen.

The magical being’s trickster personality is also used, as he can place doppelgangers in front of him so that the opponent can hit.

Season Pass 1 owners can rock out with the Strive boss on Tuesday, November 30th, with its full release date coming a few days later on December 3rd.

You can see the restorer of mankind Gungslinging Broken Messiah (so the title) in action in his debut gameplay trailer below.

Happy Chaos trailer image # 1

Happy Chaos trailer image # 2

Happy Chaos trailer image # 3

Happy Chaos trailer picture # 4

Happy Chaos trailer picture # 5

Happy Chaos trailer picture # 6

Happy Chaos trailer picture # 7

Happy Chaos trailer picture # 9

Happy Chaos trailer picture # 10

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