Handy with VMware Horizon 8 (2012)

After Tom Fenton has covered some of the new features and changes on Connection Server and clients with the 2012 version of the desktop and app virtualization product, he updates his environment and examines the changes more closely.

In a previous article, I gave an overview of the new features in Horizon 8 Version 2012 that were released on January 7, 2021. The most notable change in this version is that linked clones are officially removed from the product. As in the past with VMware, this update includes incremental changes and incremental improvements to the product. In this article, I will update my Horizon 8 2006 environment to version 2012 and take a closer look at the changes that are made in that version.

Upgrade to Horizon 8 version 2012
Before starting the installation process, I first consulted the release notes for VMware Horizon version 2012 to make sure that …


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