The Oracle Cloud VMware solution was made generally available in all Oracle regions and in Oracle’s dedicated Cloud @ Customer service offering on August 6, 2020. The Oracle Cloud VMware solution is a customer managed, VMware Cloud verified environment consisting of vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, vSAN and NSX. Also included is VMware HCX for seamless migrations, network expansion capabilities, and more from on-premises to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Customers have complete control over the environment, including the underlying ESXi hosts and the VMware Host Client for ESXi Management. It offers the best of both worlds; Customers can migrate their VMware workloads and continue to use the same skills and tools while having access to Oracle Cloud services. We are proud to announce the availability of Practical Oracle Cloud VMware solution where you want:

  • Deploy the Oracle Cloud VMware solution
  • Review the environment after deployment
  • Connect to Oracle …

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