Hamden High School will open on Wednesday after several …


Hamden High School reopened with heightened security on Wednesday after multiple threats over the past week. The school was closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Students will be searched with a magic wand over the next two weeks while metal detectors are installed in the school.

After several threats and security concerns, the Hamden Board of Education decided to add metal detectors to screen students.

It did so after multiple threats over the past week. On Sunday evening, a threat was made that was directed at the high school community, the police said. That threat caused the school to close on Monday and Tuesday to develop a reopening plan.

Hamden High School is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays while officials are investigating another threat received over the weekend.

Last week the school district received another threat and closed the school on Friday.

Additional security is implemented

The education committee held an emergency …



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