I wasn’t ready to sneak around a banished warship in my first few minutes Halo infiniteCampaign, but there I was faced with an army of grunts, jackals, brutes and elites. The initial thrill of the classic gloriole The music and familiarity of the enemies was a nostalgia overload for a few minutes, but after it all subsided, I noticed the new grappleshot. Oh boy.

I played first gloriole Twenty years ago, and while the combination of grenades, melee weapons, and an assortment of weapons and vehicles still exists today, the grab shot is an entirely new addition that changes the campaign mode. It’s an ideal companion that got me excited and wanted to fully upgrade it in the first hours of the campaign.

Just grappleshot jackal shields to easily kill them.

You will be in in the early missions. familiarized with the grappleshot Halo infiniteas you fight your way out to the open areas of the Zeta Halo that the exiled enemies have taken over. The first level is incredibly vertical and acts like a subtle workout mode to gently get you to master the grappleshot.

While you can run, jump, and shoot at enemies freely without her, driving up to a Brute and slapping him in the face is incredibly satisfying. If Jackal’s shields are annoying, you can simply shoot the shield with a claw to force them to lower it. It’s also great for instantly figuring out, “How do I get up there?” Moments when you can just aim and move into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

I played around with the grappleshot for months during the Halo infinite Multiplayer previews, and I was impressed with its portability, but it has unlimited uses in the campaign. That is, it really comes into its own. You can use it to navigate faster or move towards an enemy, and it can also be used to retrieve items like weapons or fusion coils. There is only a short cooldown in Campaign mode, so the possibilities for speed running are endless. I can’t wait to see what talented players achieve here.

Part of the Zeta Halo.

The dark and scary areas in the first missions of Halo infinite where you are first introduced to grappleshot is what you would expect from a classic gloriole. There is a clear storyline and structure and many exiled enemies to eliminate. If you’re new to the franchise, the story itself takes place 18 months after the events of Halo 5, but the story and adventure really start to expand once you venture out onto the Zeta Halo for the first time.

It is here where Halo infinite is really different from gloriole Games that came before. It still retains a great deal Halo: Combat Evolved look and feel, but the Zeta Halo is free to explore, and it’s filled with items to discover, high-quality objectives to eliminate, outposts to conquer, and of course areas of the main story, which need to be completed.

The Zeta Halo surface.

Although it certainly looks and feels like an open world gloriole At first glance, 343 Industries restricts the areas of Zeta Halo that you can explore until you’ve made progress and unlocked new areas. It’s hard to say at the moment how big this card will be, but you can pan around and get a feel that there is a lot to unlock. It certainly sounds huge, and I had to spend a few minutes just standing still and appreciating the subtle sounds of the surroundings and the animals that surrounded me.

You can also earn armor upgrades, improve your grapple skills, and much more here. I only experienced a few upgrades during my first preview Halo infinite, but there are upgrades to stun contested opponents for several seconds, reduce the cooldown of grab shots by 40 percent, deliver a shockwave rush when you hold melee while holding on, and even increase the radius of the shockwave rush. I can’t wait to unlock all of these options and see how powerful the grappleshot can be.

The grappleshot upgrades look promising.

While you can explore the Halo Zeta surface and spot the occasional skirmish and battle, the campaign’s first main mission is to infiltrate a giant tower that houses an exiled boss. It’s a dark, steam-filled place that really shows how well Halo infinite looks on the Xbox Series X, with lighting that requires you to activate a light on Master Chief’s helmet.

From all the first missions in Halo infinite, I liked it best and wanted more. The boss fight introduces you to the threat sensor, a projectile that allows you to track enemies through walls and terrain. The threat sensor is especially useful against enemies who like to hide and seek, and you will find high quality targets in the Halo Zeta that do just that.

Halo Infinite starts out dark, scary, and full of steam.

You can equip the threat sensor instead of the grapple if you need to, and I’ll be excited to see how the campaign progresses to unlock additional gear and skills. The progression system works through Spartan Cores, which can be found in the main campaign missions or in Zeta Halo.

Once you’ve unlocked more vehicles, you can also freely summon them from outposts that you’ve secured. You must fight exiled troops to capture outposts after occupying the ring for six months. These outposts reveal new exiled structures, especially high-value targets, and you can use them to gather UNSC Marines ready to accompany you on missions and defeat enemies. As you rescue marines in the field or capture exiled bases, you’ll also earn Valor – a resource that you can use to unlock new weapons, vehicles, and more.

I only played the first few hours of Halo infinite so far, and it already feels like many hours are ahead of me. The Weapon, a new AI strikingly similar to Cortana, is being rolled out early, and the fate of Master Chief and Cortana’s role in the story is still up in the air after just a few hours of play. We’ll do a full review of Halo infinite next month where we will find out how big Zeta Halo is and discover the secrets hidden within.

Halo infinite feels like a familiar, but different kind gloriole, and one that fans will love to explore.

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