Halo infiniteMultiplayer is now live for players around the world to jump into after its surprise release on November 15th. Free for everyone Halo Infinite Season 1, which developer 343 Industries is referring to as Beta, offers players a full multiplayer suite of content including ranked games, player customizations and a Battle Pass. It’s not without its problems, however.

Currently, one of the most common issues with Halo Infinite Multiplayer is players reporting that challenges are not registered as completed even though the player has met the requirement. In particular, weekly challenges, e.g. B. those in which players have to play a certain number of games or kill with a certain weapon.

If you are suffering from this problem don’t worry, there are a few fixes that we tested to help resolve this issue. In order for Halo Infinite to properly track your progress again, make sure to try them all. If this still doesn’t work, the last option is patience, as 343 has announced that it will fix such issues in an upcoming patch. Read on for how to fix Halo Infinite challenges not working so you can keep leveling up in the incredibly slow Battle Pass.

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