Halo Infinites The campaign kicks off on Wednesday, but after your first journey through history, you won’t be able to repeat missions without starting from scratch. Microsoft confirmed Polygon. This is a major omission as it will prevent you from getting collectibles that you will miss out on the first time around. It also means Infinite is the first gloriole Game without the ability to go back and just replay a chapter.

That may not always be the case, however, as developer 343 Industries is looking to gradually add the feature, the studio said The edge. “We haven’t announced a date, but we’re working on it,” said Paul Crocker, associate creative director of 343 Industries, in an interview.

“We want the replay to work well and when you have a more open game it becomes a lot more difficult,” he said. “So we decided to improve the quality of the single-player campaign to make sure it was as strong as possible as a base so that we can then add the other features back in.”

It’s frustrating not being able to replay missions; Halo Infinites campaign has some impressive set pieces and great boss fights that I would love to tackle without going through the whole story another time. However, there are some elements that to do According to Crocker, the broadcast carries over between full campaign reruns, including data pads (which contain story-focused voice logs) and the hard-to-find skulls that allow you to change certain aspects of the experience in previous games (such as doubling the enemy) . Bless you).

Replayable story missions aren’t the only thing postponed for launch; you have to wait at least six months for the time-honored tradition of going through the campaign with a friend, what you can do right from the start gloriole Game. The goal was “from day one” to make the game playable co-op and allow people to repeat missions, but “we just had to prioritize what we could get done on time,” said Crocker.

Halo infinite has had a somewhat rocky development. It was originally supposed to be released along with the Xbox Series X / S in November 2020, but was postponed to 2021 after a year Reveal gameplay that produced the infamous Craig memes. Blacksmithing mode, which is in. was introduced Halo 3 and lets players develop multiplayer cards and games, too, is lacking for Infinite Begin. And while 343 Industries hit the market Halo Infinites Free-to-play multiplayer beta early, it had to address criticism of the game Progress system and Lack of dedicated playlists.

Despite these problems, the additional development time has paid off Halo Infinites Campaign and Multiplayer, both of which are pretty good. That bodes well for the features that won’t make it at startup – even if we don’t know how long to wait for them.

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