343 Industries surprisingly has the multiplayer of. brought on the market Halo infinite on Monday, and while the response has been mostly positive, players absolutely hate the Battle Pass. It seems like 343 is already taking a look at the system and trying to figure out how to best proceed after the frustration of the players on the first day.

There are several reasons why gamers are angry Halo infinite‘s Battle Pass system and a quick trip through that Halo subreddit will show you some of them. Some feel the system is too slow and takes several hours to complete even the earliest levels of the pass. Others are more frustrated that XP to upgrade the pass can only be earned through challenges (like playing certain modes, completing certain actions, or getting kills with certain weapons) rather than simply playing.

Whatever the reason, players seem to agree that the pass is unsatisfactory and that progress is too slow.

That is also our experience with the game. After four hours, my Premium Battle Pass is only at Level 2. It’s worth noting that I didn’t specifically face challenges, in part because some have asked me to do things that are not in my best interests Team – or because I couldn’t get into the right type of match in the game’s random playlists.

Image: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

According to the 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard, this is something that the development team is investigating. Jarrard said on Twitter on Tuesday that the team is making progress in the Halo infinite Beta and data collection to better inform how the Battle Pass and experience points are progressing.

While 343 Industries managed to call Halo infiniteWith its early release a beta, it’s worth noting that the developer refers to the first season of that beta as “Season 1” and sells the Battle Pass for $ 10 – a pretty normal price for most shooters – instead of it as Season 0 to designate, or preseason. However, the Battle Pass is an important part of the progression and reward in Halo infiniteIn the multiplayer component, the rewards are purely cosmetic and do not change the gameplay or offer advantages during the games.

There is no information yet as to what changes the 343 Industries team may be planning or when they may occur. Halo infinite is expected to receive a major patch when the game is officially released on December 8th. Hopefully something is in the works for the near future.

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