Hackers find better ways to outsmart 2FA – here’s how



(Photo: Tezos / Unsplash)

While two-factor authentication is still one of the most trusted security methods, malicious users are improving their ways of bypassing it.

What is 2FA

Web users have long considered two-factor authentication, or 2FA, to be an important and powerful tool for protecting their digital lives.

By accessing secondary information, such as an automated code sent to your phone or device, companies can verify that you are the account owner and not someone else planning malicious attacks on your personal information.

Why is 2FA unsafe now?

Unfortunately, according to a new study, hackers have discovered a multitude of effective ways to bypass your 2FA protection – and they often use them to orchestrate cyberattacks when you least expect it.

In the study, written by academic researchers from Stony Brook University and cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, they describe the most recent …



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