The hacking gang behind an international crime series that played out the weekend of July 4th says they locked more than a million individual devices and are demanding $ 70 million in Bitcoin to release them all in one fell swoop.

The gang, Russia-affiliated REvil, is best known for previously hacking JBS, one of the largest meat suppliers in the world, and temporarily ceasing its operations in much of North America. However, the potential scope of this attack is unprecedented, according to some cybersecurity experts.

REvil’s began compromising Kaseya, a software company that helps companies manage basic software updates, on Friday. Because many of Kaseya’s customers are companies that manage Internet services for other companies, the number of victims grew rapidly. Rather than locking down a single organization as ransomware gangs usually do, this time around, REvil locked each victim computer as a standalone target and initially charged $ 45,000 to unlock each one.

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