PullRequest, a five-year-old startup that spun out of Y Combinator in 2017, helps software developers by providing an external code review team. Not only does this help find bugs in the code that may have been overlooked, but it also helps identify security vulnerabilities before the software goes into production.

Maybe that’s why HackerOne, a bug bounty company, took over PullRequest today.

If you look at what HackerOne has traditionally done, it hires security experts to find bugs in programs that could have major repercussions if left undetected. PullRequest extends this capability by providing an on-demand team of qualified code reviewers who can spot a bug before it goes into production.

HackerOne CTO Alex Rice sees a shift towards developers when it comes to security, and the acquisition of PullRequest gives him and his customers direct access to the development part of the cycle.

“One trend we’re seeing with many of our customers is this real shift towards…

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