Hacker claims to have violated Uber, security researcher says Tech Talk & Innovation


    Uber said Thursday it contacted law enforcement after a hacker appeared to have broken into its network. A security engineer said the intruder provided evidence that he had gained access to vital systems of the dispatcher.

    There was no evidence that Uber’s vehicle fleet or operations were affected in any way.

    “It seems like they compromised a lot of stuff,” said Sam Curry, an engineer at Yuga Labs who communicated with the hacker. That includes full access to the Amazon and Google-hosted cloud environments where Uber stores its source code and customer data, he said.

    Curry said he spoke to several Uber employees, who said they were “working to lock everything down internally” to limit the hacker’s access. That included the San Francisco-based company’s internal messaging network Slack, he said.

    He said there was no…

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