Arc system works announced Guilty equipment: strut Season Pass 1 downloadable content character Happy Chaos. It will be released on November 30th for Season Pass 1 owners and December 3rd for everyone else.

Here is his character description about the game official website:

Restorer of mankind. Gunslinger broken messiah.

He is the original who was the first to discover the backyard and teach magic to mankind. After absorbing half of I-No, it suddenly changed drastically. He now carries within him all human hope for life.

He feels that his existence will be forgiven by a greater will when humanity loses its humanity. The concepts of good and bad are equivalent to him. It can cause major incidents, but it could also end up on the side of the judiciary.

Arc System Works also announced that it will implement a “Room Customization” feature for the “Player Match” room that will allow players to freely decorate rooms with over 500 unique items such as furniture, wallpaper and more. Players can use coins earned in fishing mode to get new items.

Guilty equipment: strut is now available for PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, and Pc above steam.

Check out a new trailer below. See a new set of screenshots in the gallery.



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