Technological innovations and advances have consistently changed people’s quality of life
the world. American technology has created jobs, opportunities, and economic growth all over our country
Country. Using core technology tools and platforms, millions of small businesses have
to thrive during the pandemic. American technology also helps secure our country’s citizenship
Security interests and our economic competitiveness. Wrong rules and guidelines
is currently being discussed in Congress, could put all of this and more at risk and look forward to one
unwanted way.

Startups are a special piece of Utah’s innovative environment. In 2020, Forbes rated Utah as a. one
the best state for entrepreneurs, and a study by in 2021 found that six of the
The 10 Best Small Cities to Start a Business Are in Utah. Unfortunately, the anti-innovation laws are too
Capitol Hill will curtail this system by depriving startups of the ability to raise and compromise capital

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