Too often, developers assume that moving to the cloud will make them green. After all, change from power-hungry, often decades-old premises on site Data Centers for something new in the cloud should surely be better for the planet? In addition, some of the largest cloud providers are demanding CO2 neutrality through credits for renewable energies and the power supply of new systems with renewable energies.

It’s an engaging vision. But the facts are not that simple. Yes, the cloud providers’ hyperscale infrastructure can be more energy efficient than local data centers, but data centers account for roughly 1% of global energy consumption – and that number is increasing.

Here’s the thing: every workload you move to the cloud uses energy. And some workloads are real energy hogs. A recent study found that training a single machine learning model causes as much carbon emissions as 125 round-trip flights from New York to Beijing.

And often development teams don’t know about …

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